Pricing for Junk Removal in New Jersey


ur junk removal rates are based on the amount of space your junk takes up in our trucks. Once we arrive on site and see what you wish to get rid of, our trained staff will provide you with the best price possible. If you scheduled your Free Estimate online, you will receive a $25 discount on our truck load pricing or if you scheduled a single item pick up you will receive a $10 discount.

Throughout our New Jersey service area, our truck load junk removal rates promise to be the most affordable and competitve. The cost to remove your junk simply depends on the amount of space your junk will consume in our large trucks. Take a look below at our Junk Removal Rates "By The Truck Load" to help you estimate your removal cost. Best way to know for sure is to schedule a Free No-Obligation Estimate and let the Go Garbage experts give you an accurate onsite estimate to remove you junk.

We guarantee our junk removal prices. If your junk takes up more space than our staff estimated, you will NOT pay more than the price we agreed upon. With Go Garbage there are no hidden fees or surpises. Our price includes all labor, vehicle fees, disposal fees and recycling fees.

 Because we pay by weight to dispose of your trash and junk, some heavier items may cost more for removal and are subject to a surcharge fee.

Go Garbage trucks are larger than the trucks at the other 1-800 Junk companies, at 15 cubic yards we can haul away more junk and save you more money.

Book a no-obligation estimate appointment online and our team will give you a free on-site estimate plus a $10 to $25 discount for booking online. The price will be confirmed with you before we begin removing your junk. For more information call Go Garbage at 1-800-551-4486.

Junk Removal Rates

Prices include all labor and disposal fees. Taxes not included. Surcharges may apply on certain items.
Prices are subject to change with out notice.